The KRUMMA-Flow Lava Pillars feature some of the most interesting rock formations one can find in Iceland.  According to Icelandic folklore, trolls are very active among these stones.  Just like the trolls, children can have a fun time running and climbing around these rocks.

Our world has become more streamlined, and even toys become ever more high-tech. At the same time, we sometimes forget how to play creatively with the most basic things in our surroundings.  The KRUMMA-Flow Lava Pillars provide a perfect medium for anyone to reignite that creativity.

Playground designers can choose from a variety of pillar shapes, and countless games can be played around them, such as hide and seek, tag, etc.  Children can also just rest on these pillars and enjoy the natural scenery that the KRUMMA-Flow Lava Pillars add to their play area.

Product: KRUMMA-Flow 2104
Product group: KRUMMA-Flow
Certification: EN1176-1:2008 DTI / TÜV NORD
User age: +3 years
Installation: 60 min. per stone
x2 installers
x1 hole per stone
Depth: 55 cm
Diameter: 160 cm
Package: 500 kg per stone
2.0 m3 per stone
Longest part: 2.34 m
Heaviest part: 400 kg

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All products are approved by the Danish Technological Institute in accordance with European safety standards (EN1176) and certified by TÜV NORD.

KRUMMA-Flow playground equipment is protected under the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs.  DM/076923.

The key material for the KRUMMA-Flow product line is Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP).  Once the form is shaped, the surface is coated with a special paint formula to give it the appearance of lava rocks.

The material is very strong, durable and safe. We coat our product with an anti-graffiti coating for easy cleaning and maintenance. All chemicals used for production are safe for both the users and the environment.

The material can withstand temperature between -50°C to +148°C




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